COVID Insights, In The Media 05.25.2020

Staying Connected in Isolation – Featured in the Media

Psychology Today and Architectural Digest reached out to our experts to explore how we're connecting with colleagues and clients during the pandemic.
Perkins&Will Minneapolis studio; photo by Corey Gaffer
Perkins&Will Minneapolis studio
May 12, 2020
"How to Keep Employees Feeling Connected During COVID-19" – Architectural Digest

Members of the design community share how they are taking care of their mental health and boosting workforce morale while in isolation. Alice Hricak, Principal of Corporate Interiors at our Los Angeles studio recommends having frequent casual conversations with colleagues. She also mentioned that during virtual team and staff meetings, many of our studios allow people to provide honest and anonymous feedback on how they are feeling. Alice says, “Those responses have been helpful in crafting staff communications and responding to employees’ needs with compassion.”

Working from home has allowed additional downtime for many and a desire for additional educational opportunities. Across our firm, there seems to be a heightened interested in convergence of disciplines. In response to this trend, we launched a series of internal video-based webcasts, streamed live to studios internationally, where the company’s leading experts share insights firm-wide. “This has allowed us to share knowledge globally, stay connected, and explore solutions that best serve our clients,” Alice tells Architectural Digest.

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April 17, 2020
"Has the Coronavirus Made Us More Human?" – Psychology Today

Psychology Today explores how remote working has broken down emotional barriers between colleagues, encouraging more relaxed work environments. Meena Krenek, Principal and Interior Design Director in our Los Angeles studio, says that most people share more of our personal life with others as a result of working from home. However, she wonders whether this will change professional relationship dynamics once we return to our offices and whether this vulnerability and emotional sharing will continue.

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