Colin Campbell

BA (Hons), DipArch, RIBA, ARB
Operations Director, London

While some people spend the best part of a lifetime figuring out what they actually want to do for a living, Colin knew very early on. Aged just nine, he designed his dream home as part of a school assignment. For many children, this would have been nothing more than a passing fleet of fancy. For Colin, this was just the beginning.

Born in Liverpool, Colin has spent a large portion of his life travelling the world, leading on a range of complex and challenging projects. But while his work might take him far afield, Colin remains a Liverpudlian at heart. His favourite dish is Scouse (you may need to look it up!) and in his spare time he can often be found cheering on his beloved Liverpool FC.

A truly creative spirit and an altruistic soul, Colin volunteers at a foodbank and is a coordinator for the Love Music Hate Racism campaign. He also sits on the board of a charity which provides mentoring, support and access for people marginalised by society through health, disability, mental health issues, identity or social circumstances.