Designing beautiful, awe-inspiring, uplifting places for over eight decades.

More than 80 years ago, Lawrence B. Perkins and Philip Will, Jr. founded Perkins&Will on a tenet that has since guided every design decision we make: Our “ideas and buildings” must always “honor the broader goals of society.” Put another way, people must always be at the heart of everything we do. This philosophy—combined with our relentless passion, curiosity, and daring—continues to motivate and inspire us today.

Edens Theater, Northbrook, Illinois, 1963
Edens Theater
Northbrook, Illinois, 1963
As designers, we believe the broader goals of society are:

to harness the power of design to improve lives / to create spaces that conserve and protect our planet’s natural resources / to provide healthy places in which to live, learn, work, play, heal, move, and explore / to design sustainable, high performance, environmentally conscious spaces and places / to pursue excellence in all aspects of our work / to create a supportive and collaborative community / to have integrity and always be respectful of others / to invest in our talent, nurture creative thinking, and collectively pursue a greater good


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Lawrence B. Perkins & Philip Will, Jr., 1965
Lawrence B. Perkins and Philip Will, Jr.
O’Hare International Airport, Terminal 5
Chicago, Illinois, 1993
Lutheran School of Theology
Chicago, Illinois, 1968
First National Bank of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois, 1969
Crow Island School
Winnetka, Illinois, 1940
Perry HS
Perry High School
Perry, Ohio, 1993