Doug Barraza

Principal, Sports, Recreation and Entertainment, Denver

Shaped by a multicultural upbringing full of global travel, Doug developed an international perspective and appreciation for diverse cultures that guides his approach to architecture and design. Born in Bogota, Colombia, Doug was influenced early on by his father, a structural engineer with a passion for modern architecture. Traveling extensively and living in diverse communities worldwide gave Doug an appreciation for how food, music, art, history, sports, and design contribute to unique cultural experiences. As a Principal at Perkins&Will, Doug aims to enhance community, elevate human experience, and connect people to nature through design. He encourages his teams to explore new perspectives, even if it means making a few mistakes along the way.

Doug’s time as a collegiate soccer player at the University of Kansas sparked his interest in campus recreation facilities. This firsthand experience led him to a career designing these spaces, where he now measures success by meeting stakeholder goals and promoting health and sustainability through creative, project-specific solutions.

With humility as his guide, Doug leads teams to keep improving experiences for athletes, fans, and partners – leaving a legacy of thoughtful, forward-thinking design.

“I met soccer legend Pelé on the pitch of the old Mile High Stadium in 1977. My father took a photo of us that day that I have always treasured.”

You can find Doug enjoying the great outdoors whenever he’s not at the drafting table. Whether he’s hiking, skiing, biking, or kayaking, staying active outside is his favorite way to recharge. Doug’s lifelong connection to nature keeps him grounded and fuels his creativity.