Erica Muhlenbruch

Sports, Recreation and Entertainment, Denver

Relationships are at the core of Erica’s design philosophy. Articulating feelings, nurturing emotions, expressing beliefs–it’s in these intimate moments that Erica’s soulful craftsmanship finds inspiration. For more than two decades, she’s been working with clients to enhance player performance and elevate the fan experience through interior design—something she believes is only possible with strong client relationships.

With a remarkable capacity to empathize with the experiences and perspective of others, Erica imagines spaces that give people permission to reinvent themselves. When architecture is created for the totality of human experience, Erica believes we can transcend the ordinary into the realm of the unexpected.

Erica’s life has been immersed in a world of creators and builders from the very beginning. With grandfathers and uncles who were skilled craftsmen and a mother who nurtured her passion for drawing and painting, she was steeped in the art of design and construction throughout her formative years. Her unique upbringing drew her to interior architecture, allowing her to blend her innate creativity with functionality.

Broncos Breckenridge Bourbon Club
Denver, Colorado
DICK’s Sporting Goods Stadium Renovations
Colorado Rapids, Colorado