Mide Akinsade

Principal, Design Director, Houston

Asked what it is about his work that matters most, Mide does not mince words: Architecture is the essence of humanity. “It is perhaps our greatest and most enduring contribution to the collective human experience, an expression of our species’ soul and purpose,” he says.

Purpose is a recurring theme in Mide’s life, and it has a powerful sway over his approach to design. What more can a building do for its people? How can design make a community better, stronger? How can architects give back? Listening intently to his clients—and to the people who live, work, play, learn, and heal in the places he designs—ensures a purposeful outcome. For Mide, this is also a successful outcome.

At the heart of his practice are research and discovery. Mide brings to each design challenge a thirst for knowledge and a drive to unearth new solutions. “It’s the architect’s insatiable curiosity that leads to design breakthroughs,” he says. “Inquiry and investigation allow us to defy the notion of what’s possible today and usher in a more sustainable future.”

In addition to design as practice, design as discourse is an essential part of Mide’s approach. By regularly engaging in meaningful conversations with clients, colleagues, and community members, he builds and sustains the relationships that are critical for shared success.
Fun Fact

Mide’s expertise in placemaking and love for storytelling carries over to his second greatest passion: film direction! In addition to producing his own short films, he enjoys sharing techniques and methods with other independent film directors around the world.