Mike McElderry

Associate Principal, Design Director, New York

Mike has fifteen years of experience as an international architect and team leader for complex projects collaborating with both public and private clients. His professional process is driven by collaboration, mentorship, and an acute ability to identify and convert challenges into innovative and intelligent architectural solutions.

He has developed extensive experience with company management, project management, and architectural design at all scales and during all project phases. He has worked with significant architectural firms developing major projects and competitions ranging from commercial towers and corporate headquarters to significant cultural projects and learning environments.

Op-Ed: Designers Can Choose Interaction Over Insularity

In the Winter 2023 Issue of Oculus, Mike discusses how design engages the public, and how that be used to foster interactivity. He suggests that perhaps we as designers need to remodel our approach to the public realm and inclusivity, by focusing on the projects that are most likely to affect the future form of our cities.

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Oculus Winter 2023 Issue
Mike's design leadership is seen here in this recent NY studio proposal for a commercial office building in Chelsea.
The idea: It's a place where unparalleled access to out-door and mid-door spaces, high-quality daylight and fresh air, and official on-the-clock exterior workday productivity all go hand-in-hand.
For Fun

“I am an avid traveler and have lived abroad in Copenhagen, Lisbon, Barcelona, and Venice. I find new food, different languages, and the architecture and social spaces of different cultures to be inspirational in my personal and professional life. This summer, we plan to spend as much time travelling, hiking, camping, and kayaking as possible.”

Honors Ralph Rapson Traveling Fellowship
"I view design as collaborative, fluid, iterative, and subscribe to the fact that great design first comes from thinking about people and a commitment to the public realm. I believe this to be true regardless of typology or scale."