Moojan Kalbasi

Cultural and Civic, London

Moojan is a seasoned architect with a global perspective, driven by a passion to understand how spaces shape our personal experiences. With extensive training in both architecture and landscape urbanism, she has honed her craft for nearly two decades.

Born amidst the vibrant tapestry of Tehran, Moojan’s artistic journey began in her mother’s studio, where she first fell in love with the poetry of Rapidograph pens and the profound connection between sketches and the tangible world around her.

Reflecting on her early experiences, Moojan recognises them as the foundation of her profound relationship with space – a quest to understand, capture, inhabit, and ultimately, shape it.

Having worked and studied in Australia, the USA, and the UK, Moojan’s diverse experiences informed her unique approach to design. Her portfolio ranges from large-scale mixed-use developments to more intimate refurbishments, with a keen focus on cultural and social influences that drive her creativity.

She believes that beauty is found in the experience of a space, transcending mere aesthetics. This philosophy drives her to create impactful public, civic, and cultural places. Her work serves as a testament to architecture’s power to resonate with the human spirit, bridging the gap between our inner and outer worlds.

Moojan, circa 2002, visiting one of her favourite buildings, Kimbell Art Museum, Texas, USA.
Fun Fact

Beyond her architectural pursuits, Moojan is a dedicated photographer and an enthusiastic traveller, drawn to the majesty of mountains.