Su Hong Chen

Associate Principal, San Francisco

For Su, the best measure of a successful project is when all team members, from client to consultants to builder, are aligned with the design vision. She is an expert at marrying design goals with the strict requirements of technical spaces. Between her strong analytical mind and her excellent project management skills, Su fosters positive team environments that result in happy clients and successful projects.

Su’s project management skills are balanced by an acute awareness of space, influenced by growing up in Brooklyn. After attending a prestigious arts high school where she took her first architecture class, Su began to notice how things were constructed in her everyday life—her family’s apartment, the row houses in her neighborhood, and her school in NYC. She started to reflect on how we can improve the breakdown of space in a building to better benefit its users, which ultimately influenced the human-centric lens she integrates into her design and management approach today.

“Human experience is the most important part of design. The best thing about architecture is the opportunity to create an environment where its inhabitants enjoy the experience and are connected to the place.”

Su Hong Chen

Su was the Senior Project Manager for the UCSF Nancy Friend Pritzker Department of Psychiatry Building.
Fun Fact
An avid foodie, Su enjoys trying all the cuisines San Francisco has to offer. One of her favorite places is a tiny hole-in-the-wall sushi spot off of Balboa street, run by a local couple.