Carbon Health

In collaboration with nonprofit research organization Healthy Building Network, we released two pioneering reports aimed at transforming the way architects and designers select sustainable, low-carbon gypsum drywall, flooring, and insulation.

Embodied Carbon and Material Health in Gypsum Drywall and Flooring

This case study identifies key drivers of embodied carbon and material health by looking at specific examples of product categories frequently specified in building projects. Using flooring and drywall as examples, this study delivers some examples of where paths toward low embodied carbon and safer materials align and where they conflict.

Embodied Carbon and Material Health in Insulation

This report translates learnings from embodied carbon and material health assessment tools into actionable guidance for manufacturers, project teams, and green building programs. This guidance will empower designers and architects to optimize decisions and promote and select healthier, low-carbon products that advance a circular economy.