Project Spotlight January 15, 2024

This London workplace supports a culture of choice and responsibility

The EBRD’s new Canary Wharf Headquarters is a paragon of green design.
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
London, United Kingdom
Designed by

Founded in 1991 to aid nations making the transition to market economies, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) spent nearly 30 years in the same building. The new headquarters reflects its vision of sustainability, well-being, and social responsibility while supporting a culture of choice, collaboration, and innovation.

The EBRD’s new workplace, completed in 2022, promotes health and wellness through biophilic design. The design team aimed for a net-zero carbon fit-out by sourcing environmentally friendly materials, many of which were designed for disassembly and reuse. The result is an exemplar of sustainability that is simultaneously a warm, inviting space where everyone feels welcome and inspired.

Gail Meakin, director of projects & facilities management at EBRD, and Allan Beattie, EBRD project manager, reveal their favorite spaces:
“The project strikes a balance between human-centric and planet-conscious design. We were able to reduce our environmental impact, but at the same time enhance people’s well-being.”
Gail Meakin, Director of Projects & Facilities Management, The EBRD

Main Photo Source: EBRD