Norway’s capital unveils one of the most sustainable mixed-use developments of the last decade

VIA Oslo puts people and nature front and center.
Photo with low vantage point looking up at adaptive re-use, mixed-use building silhouetted against the sky
Via Oslo
Oslo, Norway
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Designed by

In 2014, Norway-based property management company Storebrand Eiendom challenged five architecture firms to design the building of the future. Sustainability was a key requirement. Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects (SHL) won the competition with a proposal to creatively adapt and reuse one of the company’s existing office buildings, transforming it into a pedestrian-centered urban oasis known as VIA. Located in the heart of the Norwegian capital, VIA prioritizes people and nature in its urban context. Tenants enjoy plentiful views of the surrounding landscape.

(Photo: Adam Mørk)

“It’s this beautiful setting between the fjord and the mountains,” says Kristian Ahlmark, design director at SHL. “In Oslo, everywhere you look, you see nature’s beauty, so we wanted to celebrate that.”