This innovative design partnership saves clients’ time and costs—here’s how

Fabrication company Zahner worked with us on 3D modeling and cloud-enabled workspaces that will reduce design revisions

Inevitably in the design process, details change. Big or small, these alterations, when not efficiently communicated, end up costing everyone extra time and money. That’s why we’ve partnered with fabricator A. Zahner Company (Zahner) to establish a digitally centered workflow that mitigates this risk as much as possible.

Dubbed the “Dynamic Design and Feasibility Workflow,” the process is centered on 3D modeling, cloud-enabled workspaces shared by the teams, and regular reviews of both our and Zahner’s work. Its benefits include increased efficiency from both teams, more design confidence, and schedules with the capacity to vet and achieve higher quality results for the client.

The idea started from our designers wondering, “Is it feasible to exchange model and design data directly with fabricators so they better understand our intent?”  But those early conversations also gave our team more insight into fabricators’ processes and potential constraints. This white paper explores the genesis of our partnership with Zahner, as well as our methodology for the Dynamic Design and Feasibility Workflow and how it improves the overall workflow of a project.

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