In The Media October 7, 2019

Commercial Observer – New York City’s Evolving Infrastructure

Expanding the Life Sciences Sector
New spaces for life sciences are being designed to accommodate a broader array of research types and incorporate more collaboration spaces in the workplace.
Photo credit: L-Ines Photo; Architect: Perkins&Will

Expanding the Life Sciences Sector

We have seen a major shift in the once-scarce life sciences industry in New York City over the last few years. How did we get here, and what is New York City doing to attract more tenants engaged in the studies of living organisms such as biology, botany, zoology, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry and other related subjects?

We sat down with major developers, architects, interior designers, consulting engineers and investors from top firms including SGA, King Street Properties, CBRE, Ennead, JB&B and Perkins&Will.

These experts agree that New York City’s infrastructure is in place to create a thriving life sciences industry. Indeed, the city is already a burgeoning hub, with the leaders of each industry segment residing here. What’s more, these experts point out that as technology continues to evolve rapidly, life sciences now apply to all types of businesses, efficiently improving the environment, medicine, health care, agriculture, and much more.

Our Science and Technology Practice Leader, Matt Malone, offers his perspective on this growing New York City sector.

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New York City’s Evolving Infrastructure: Expanding the Life Sciences Sector

“For many reasons, NYC is the perfect location for life sciences to flourish. There is an incredible network of health care and educational institutions that are developing the talent needed to sustain the industry.”

Matt Malone, Science and Technology Practice Leader, Associate Principal