Announcements October 11, 2019

Congratulations to our Cosmo Couture Team for Bringing Home an Award for “Best Use of Material”

Kate Magee, NCIDQ, ASID, LEED® Green Associate
Interior Project Designer

Cosmo Couture is a fundraising event held by IIDA Mid Atlantic Chapter. This year, it benefited Operation Renewed Hope Foundation, an organization that helps veterans experience homelessness get back on their feet and a roof over their heads.

We partnered with OFS and used their non-PVC edge banding to make the under structure of the dress. We then layered strips of veneer over the dress to create the form of the body. We used veneer and frayed OFS upholstery fabric to create the belt piece that went over the dress. The arm piece was made with upholstery fabric and edge banding as well. We used pop rivets and hot glue to hold it all together.

Design Concept

The creation of a memory begins with its perception: A visual pattern is observed. A sound is heard. A touch is felt. A scent is identified. In a fraction of a second, this sensory information is registered and lingers for just a brief moment.

After that first flicker, the sensation is stored in our short-term memory. Limited in its capacity and fleeting in nature, short-term memories will decay rapidly if not recalled or reused regularly. But through association and rehearsal, short-term can become long-term. Lasting from days to decades, our ability to store long-term memories is infinite. Some spring to mind easily, while others require prompts or reminders to bring fuzzy thoughts into sharp focus.

Our garment explores the juxtaposition between short-term and long-term memories. An ethereal outer layer of fabric fibers and thin strips of wood veneer represent the fragility of short-term memories. Small pops of vibrant color stand out amidst a neutral backdrop of earthy neutrals like electric moments of initial sensory perception.

The flexible, short-term layer floats above an armor-like bodice. Symbolizing long-term memories, the structured bodice is tightly woven from wood veneer. Its material embodies history, roots, and is marked by what came before. Sepia hues elicit notions of the past, and its solid construction contrasts purposefully with the malleable outer layer.