Perspectives December 17, 2021

Eliminating Embodied Carbon in Commercial Interiors

6-Month Report
We applied the Embodied Carbon Analysis to our new Washington, D.C. Studio. The result, without compromise of project design and budget goals, is a 56% net reduction in embodied carbon.

Our Washington, DC Studio has committed to eliminating embodied carbon our the commercial interiors spaces we design by the year 2030. This bold statement and benchmark is necessary as the climate crisis continues to intensify and the built environment plays a significant role in the future of our greater world. We believes our market can flourish as a leader in embodied carbon design and serve as a model for cities and communities around the country.

In the first six months of our commitment, we established a firm foundation from which to grow the energy and momentum of this paradigm shift in interior design. This included taking stock of where we are as a studio in terms of comprehension of embodied carbon issues as well as better understanding the state of the industry related to the topic.

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