Perspectives March 2, 2022

From Mentorship to Friendship: Black in Design Mentorship Program Experience

Perkins&Will mentor Dr. Erika Eitland and high school mentee Olivia Fox discuss their experience during the Black in Design Mentorship Program. The initiative connects students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Boston-area high schools with Perkins&Will professionals.

Hear from them as they discuss the bond they developed over the course of the program and the goals Erika helped Olivia achieve:

Erika Eitland (left) and Olivia Fox (right)
What did your time together during the Black in Design Mentorship mean to you?

This program and Erika have helped me to speak up more. I’ve been on a panel—something I would never do before. And you [Erika] encouraged me to apply to Brown, which I wasn’t really considering because I didn’t think I could get in. But the encouragement clearly helped.

Olivia Fox

What are you looking forward to most at Brown University?

What are some memorable moments together during the program?

It’s a true friendship—the fact that I got to be this big sister and feel like there’s a shared safe space to talk about anything.

Erika Eitland

What does architecture mean to you?

Everything. It’s important for me to create spaces where people feel comfortable.

Olivia Fox

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