Press Releases December 13, 2022

Renowned Learning Innovator Heather Currier Hunt Joins Perkins&Will in New York

The former Executive Talent Director and Global Head of Learning & Development at IDEO brings a depth of impactful and inclusive experience in sparking creative growth.
Heather Currier Hunt

NEW YORK—Heather Currier Hunt has built a career building people up. Joining global design firm Perkins&Will as Director of Learning and Development, she brings two decades of experience in fostering creative growth. Heather most recently led teams at IDEO as they navigated career transitions, implementing research into action and creating impact at individual and organizational levels alike. 

At the heart of Heather’s work is the belief that there is a present, emerging, or future leader within everyone. Based in New York City, she will be serving in a firmwide role to help guide Perkins&Will team members to their fullest potential across learning and development.  

“We are deeply excited to welcome Heather to Perkins&Will,” says Meg Brown, chief talent officer. “Heather is known for creating cultures of engagement and collaboration, and she practices what she believes in. I have met very few people as committed to nurturing creative potential and who genuinely inspire change. Heather is exceptional, and we look forward to experiencing her leadership first-hand.” 

As an advocate for coaching, talent communication and designer development, Heather aspires to create rewarding experiences for everyone, regardless of role or level. “I’m here to be in service of others,” she says. “Everyone is an extraordinary creative leader-whether those skills are emerging, or something well-developed. That ability is there in every human being. I hope to help others see that and manifest their own potential.”

Heather will help Perkins&Will staff navigate their own career journeys. Her work will span learning and development, recruitment, human resources, performance management, and talent brand communication. As she looks to the future at Perkins&Will, Heather looks forward to catalyzing individual and firmwide growth.

“My hope is to expand the toolkit of the talent team and inspire employees to see their own innate capacity for innovation.”  

Heather Currier Hunt