In The Media, Perspectives 07.01.2021

How Branded Environments Spark Conversation and Foster Connection

by Kimberly Richter and featured in Workplaces Magazine

The human spirit requires connection and conversation. Although human connection has a universal language, the ever-changing nature of the spirit seeks an ever-changing conversation. A branded environment, a spatial embodiment of a company’s DNA, can host honest and relevant conversations that feel personal. A space that feels human and allows users to express themselves and evolve, has a truth to it that is universally relatable. In addition, when a user feels as if a space is considering them by seamlessly responding to their personal tasks, rhythms and priorities, it’s hard not to feel connected. Feeling connected to the values of a company in an environment that provides space to express those common values not only forms a connection to the company, but also provides a connection point to like minds.

Be Yourself — Everyone is Different!

As we design branded environments, we study a company’s desires, personality, character, values and vision. We bring forward the nuances that ultimately create a distinguishable experience. Just like the girl with orange sneakers, we find the essence of a company’s unique fingerprint. If the discovery process is honest, the result has a resonating and relatable truthfulness to it.

Express yourself: We’re more than what we look like

Spaces, like people, have moods and behaviors that are expressions of the people who use them. On a Sunday afternoon last November, Lina Murillo and I bought the last entry rug and a handful of flowering cacti at a nearby shop for our newly designed Austin Studio’s Monday morning debut. As the final walls were being painted, we knew it felt good but it wasn’t until the music came on at Monday evening’s event, staff and client jackets came off, and hair came down for a ping-pong challenge, and our conference huddle (now DJ booth) was surrounded by people eating and drinking our local favorites did we feel our new collective’s voice and our studio’s brand successfully expressed.

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