Announcements May 13, 2024

Interior Design Magazine recognizes us as a “Giant of Design”

This year, Interior Design ranked us third on its annual list of “Top 100 Giants,” as well as second on its sustainability list.

Interior Design’s Giants of Design ranking is based on overall interior design revenues across all projects types, and includes prominent interior design firms within the US and globally. This year, the 2024 Top 100 Giants achieved record-breaking interior design fees, nearly reaching $6 billion—a year-over-year boost of almost 19 percent. This milestone reflects the influence, design innovation, and thought leadership of top firms in the industry.

Confidential Private Equity Client
San Francisco, CA
A legacy in design

We’re dedicated to creating environments where people live happier, healthier lives. We work collaboratively with our clients—engaging, listening, questioning—until, together, we exceed expectations. To us, performance and aesthetics go hand in hand; We know the bottom line and great design are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps that’s why we’ve maintained our track record as Interior Design’s No. 3 Giant of Design. Our practice has grown—yet our projects continue to delight the people who use them and perform as well long-term as they do on opening day.

See the full list on Interior Design‘s website.

A leader in sustainability

Safeguarding the health of the planet and its people is a cause close to our hearts and part of our mandate as designers. Our ranking as No. 2 Sustainability Giant, based on overall revenue from sustainable interiors projects, reaffirms our commitment to creating a greener future, with the ultimate goal of designing better buildings and more lively cities that support nature and society by regenerating ecologies. We’re aided in this mission by our global network of visionary clients, partners, and teams—we couldn’t do it without them. It’s this shared vision and collective effort that continues to inspire us to strive for excellence and maintain our position as industry leaders in sustainability year after year.

See the full sustainability list on Interior Design‘s website.

Western University, Weldon Library Revitalization
London, Ontario
"We can no longer ignore the climate emergency. This means moving toward a world where all interior elements are made from reused materials that can be easily moved, yes, but can also be disassembled at the end of an interior's life and re-deployed in a new environment. We're investigating repeatable systems, modularity, and the elimination of what's not necessary. Fixtures and fittings must be made with mechanical fixings--no more glue, harmful chemicals and VOCs. Embrace the discarded and imagine a new language for a healthy planet."

― Linzi Cassels, Global Interiors Design Director