In The Media 07.23.2019

Joseph Dyer Co-Authors Athletic Business Article about Event Venue Security

How to strengthen your facility’s perimeter security
Target Security
Target Center Security Gates

Evolving security threats have forced facility owners, operators and tenants at every level to reassess the security of sports venues. Determining the security design criteria for a new project or identifying the most pressing security needs for an existing facility can be daunting. Communicating with owners, operators, stakeholders and law enforcement is the initial step in providing venue safety. From there, consultants who specialize in security planning, client coordination and advanced visualization for any number of security scenarios can be key in developing appropriate risk mitigation solutions, as well as crisis management planning and training.

A range of security threats and scenarios should be considered in the design of new facilities to enable a dynamic perimeter security program. The vulnerabilities at existing facilities should be assessed in terms of their ultimate risk to the venue, and the facilities modified to reduce risks deemed unacceptable by stakeholders.

View the full article from the Athletic Business July-August 2019 Issue here.