Announcements June 1, 2019

London Festival of Architecture 2019

Find out what we are doing this June!

The annual London Festival of Architecture takes place across London in June and welcomes everyone into the conversation around architecture and the city.

The vast programme of more than 400 exceptional events and activities is delivered by a diverse mix of independent organisations and individuals – helping to radically democratise the debate about architecture and our city.

The theme for this year’s festival is ‘boundaries’.

As LFA Patrons, we are always proud participants, and this year we will be exploring technology, thinking about sustainability, and sharing portfolios tips over three events.

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Beyond Virtual Reality:

How do you authentically interpret archaeology?

As technology races forward, our understanding of the past deepens.

Among the many technological tools available, we can use virtual reality to recreate architecture and artefacts, when the archaeological remains don’t reveal the full story. But can immersive technology ever truly replace the sensory experience of the original?

Join Perkins&Will and guests for a panel debate that will discuss how museums can interpret archaeology authentically, bring history to life, and educate and inspire across generations.

Chris Brandon, Managing Principal, Perkins&Will
Eric Langham, Founder, Barker Langham
Jane Sidell, Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Historic England
Jaie Genadt, Chief Technology Officer, Momentum
Heather Knight, Archaeologist, MOLA

6-9pm, Wed 12 June @ Museum of London

Twinned Cities of the Future
London’s climate is changing, and we will need to adapt how we build to ensure that the city remains a sustainable and healthy place to live, work, and play.

We have the tools to predict how our climate will change over the next 100 years, but there are places around the world that already experience these conditions. What can we learn from places around the world to help us build a more sustainable London for the future?

Join Perkins&Will, during London Festival of Architecture, for a discussion panel exploring how London’s climate could transform over the next 100 years looking at equivalent world cities as examples by learning from vernacular typologies, modes of living, and local building methods.

Hattie Hartman, Sustainability Editor, Architects’ Journal

Asif Din, Director of Sustainability, Perkins+Will
Mitch Cooke, Director, Greengage
Cassie Sutherland, Policy and Programme Manager for Climate Change, GLA
Julie Futcher, Architect and Independent Researcher

6-9pm, Wed 26 June @ Perkins&Will London