Announcements August 16, 2023

Los Angeles’ Yasmeen Barakat named one of Healthcare Design Magazine’s 2023 Rising Stars

Yasmeen Barakat

We are thrilled to congratulate Yasmeen Barakat, a dedicated and innovative medical planner at the Los Angeles studio, for her recent recognition as one of Healthcare Design Magazine’s 2023 Rising Stars. This prestigious recognition acknowledges Yasmeen’s exceptional contributions to the field of healthcare design and her commitment to creating patient-centered, healing environments. 

The magazine’s Rising Star program was launched in 2018 and recognizes the healthcare design industry’s “next great leaders.” According to the publication, individuals must have worked in healthcare design for fewer than 10 years and have a body of work over the past two years that collectively sets them apart from their peers.  

“I am looking forward to continuously refining and expanding my skills, making a meaningful impact, and influencing the evolution of healthcare design,” Yasmeen says in response to this achievement. “An emphasis on creating patient-centered healing environments, exploring sustainable design practices, and continuing to make progress on diversity in the AEC profession are all crucial steps towards fostering innovation, creativity, and inclusivity in our work.” 

Yasmeen at a 2022 AIA LA "Architecture for Healthcare" Committee presentation

Richard Marshall, managing director at Perkins&Will Los Angeles, commented, “Yasmeen is one of those rare individuals that seems to be talented at everything she does. It comes from an amazing work ethic and a real passion for her work. She will be a star performer in our profession and this recognition is greatly deserved.” 

Jean Mah, a practice leader and principal in our Los Angeles studio, expressed her excitement, stating, “Yasmeen is truly a rising star and we look forward to her insights on designing for human health and wellness and identifying new ways to enhance the patient experience. She thinks about issues in a holistic way that results in thoughtful design solutions. We look forward to what Yasmeen will contribute to healthcare design.” 

Tina Giorgadze, an associate principal in the Los Angeles studio, emphasized Yasmeen’s unique qualities, stating, “Yasmeen’s desire to learn, her curiosity, and her ability to come up with creative solutions sets her apart and prepares her to become an expert in the field as well as an innovator who can bridge strict norms and regulations with a creative vision that results in new and innovative design solutions.” 

We congratulate Yasmeen on this well-deserved recognition and are proud to support her continued growth and development. Her dedication to advancing healthcare design aligns seamlessly with our commitment to positively impact the lives of those we design for. 

Yasmeen, along with the other Rising Star recipients, will be featured in the October of issue of Healthcare Design.