Announcements July 27, 2022

Martin Gollwitzer Announced as 2022 Board Member of Preservation Houston

Please join us in congratulating Martin Gollwitzer, our Houston studio’s director of operations, for becoming a 2022 board member for Preservation Houston and for his commitment to advocating for better public policy and protection of our irreplaceable historic Houston resources. With nearly 20 years specializing in architectural design, he combines his passion for design with a keen understanding of the impacts of a preservation ethic in the Bayou City.

As a board member, Martin will advocate for preservation, public policy, and historic resources; address issues of community concern; and build awareness and appreciation of the city’s history and heritage.

“As a fourth generation Houstonian and a lifelong resident of Houston’s historic neighborhoods who has spent my career dedicated to architecture and design, I am incredibly honored to serve on the board of directors of Preservation Houston. The work of Preservation Houston is vital to ensuring that our city’s landmark structures and neighborhoods remain protected and relevant for generations to come.”

Read more about Preservation Houston here.