In The Media 08.20.2020

Medical Construction & Design

Raising the Bar - Leveraging Lean & Prefabrication to Deliver Sarah Cannon Cancer Hospital
The four-story, 138,000 square foot bed tower at Medical City Plano opened in early 2020.
Intense team collaboration, prefabrication, and Lean delivery saved two months and $8.7 million on overall design and construction.

We hear a lot around the industry about Lean and prefabrication these days, but it takes a truly special team—clients, designers, contractors, and trades experts—to elevate those buzzwords into a seamlessly delivered project.

This month’s Medical Construction & Design profiles the new Sarah Cannon Cancer Hospital at Medical City Plano, where the team implemented these techniques at an unprecedented level.  The result?  A beautiful, highly functional new bed tower where months and millions were saved.

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Early collaboration with the prefab manufacturers provided great insight into each contributor’s processes, which strengthened the team and was crucial to the success of the design.  It was exciting and rewarding for the team to see the design concept come together as the contractor quickly erected the exterior panels.  The feel of a finished exterior came together in weeks instead of months!  This attitude of partnership extended throughout the duration of construction.

"Instead of designing and then trying to figure out what could be prefabricated, the team did the reverse - really kicking the tires on 'what could we possibly prefabricate?' and pushing the envelope of what the team thought might be possible."