March 22, 2021

Our Pledge of Support for the Asian Community

Our hearts are heavy. Again.

Last week, we watched in horror as heightened anti-Asian racism around the world culminated in a murder spree targeting women of Asian descent in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a stark reminder of the hatred and xenophobia that has plagued our communities for decades—and of the pain and fear felt by our Asian colleagues, clients, friends, and family every single day. On the heels of a racially turbulent 2020, it also brought to the fore, yet again, the harrowing truth about racism: It is real, and it is deadly.

We know words alone won’t change the world. But we also know words matter—especially in hurtful moments. And so we declare this:

Perkins&Will unequivocally condemns all forms of racism. We categorically reject hatred, xenophobia, and violence of any kind, against anyone.

It is our responsibility to create places where everyone feels safe, welcome, and valued. We encourage our colleagues and clients to reach out to one another, and to listen to each other, with compassion and empathy. In this moment and always, we stand with the Asian community, and we pledge our unwavering support.