Announcements December 1, 2020

Stephanie Fallon announced as a 2021 Board Member for AAHID

Please join us in congratulating Stephanie Fallon as a 2021 Board member for American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) and her commitment to creating the best environments for healthcare delivery. With over ten years specializing in healthcare design, she pairs her passion for designing for the patient and staff experience with a keen understanding of the impacts that space planning, material selection, equipment coordination, and evidence-based design to create inventive, efficient spaces.

She serves on the board of directors with AAHID to commit to the development of designers who specialize in healthcare – including acute care, ambulatory care, and residential care facility design.

“Moving into my second year serving on the board of directors, this past year has been a rewarding, learning experience,” she says. “The knowledge and expertise of all combined board members is astonishing and motivating. While our goal for the organization is to continuously grow our number of certificants, I am excited about our additional objectives that will benefit the organization for years to come!”

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