In The Media 02.19.2021

Stimulating Biophilia Through Corporate Interior Design

Brad Wilkins, Design Principal, in Work Design Magazine
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In his latest article, Brad Wilkins discusses Biophilic Design.

An excerpt from his story:

“As we navigate through life changed by COVID-19, the health and wellbeing of those who spend their days in offices are more important than ever. The emotional toll that the pandemic has taken can negatively affect productivity and mental health. Based on a review of more than 50 empirical studies, it has been concluded that an environment devoid of nature can even have a negative effect on health and well-being. Therefore, the use of biophilic design can send out a strong company-wide message that expresses the value of employee health, both physically and mentally.”

To read the full article, see it in Work Design Magazine.



Brad Wilkins, Design Principal
Creating spatial experiences that reference movements that happen in nature, such as standing at a park that looks over a cliff, can directly translate to someone standing at the top of a skyscraper—which can be the case for a lot of people within the office setting.
The Impacts of Biophilia
As soon as you verbalize biophilia’s meaning and offer insights on the benefits, people are immediately interested. It is all about how we communicate our plans and provide insights on why it is good for people, makes them much more active in the workplace, and reduces absenteeism.