In The Media 12.16.2020

Strategic Elements of Post-Pandemic Workplace Design

Metropolis Magazine featured Stephen Coulston's thought leadership on the role of accidental interactions and collaboration in the future of office design.
Stephen Coulston's interview focuses on “Planning for that ‘water cooler’ interaction, or the ‘bumpability factor...”
"Now, we’re looking at a reality where we can’t have accidental interactions as we wait for the elevator or stand in line at the copy machines. And in reality, some of our best ideas originate when we step away, take a break from our traditional thinking environment..."

Stephen Coulston

“To me, that means we have a huge challenge when it comes to designing for these bumpability factors. Almost every innovation district I’m working at right now, from Central Florida to New Orleans to Salt Lake City, is moving to strategies that incorporate mixed-use housing/office space—including designs that have room for residential, research, office, retail, and entertainment. In reality, we’re seeing a feature that aligns well with what we were planning for pre-pandemic, only now we have a real-world case study to prove its worth. Therefore, we have this unique opportunity to plan for a future that we cannot predict. But what we can do is help shape the future. By recognizing that we must accommodate changes in terms of technology, and even future social distancing–related protocols, we can design a future that’s promising and full of collaboration.”