In The Media January 14, 2021

Texas Architect Magazine Features The Epic’s Transformative Role between Two Dallas Districts

Alyssa Kazew interviews Ron Stelmarski on bridging the architectural gap between downtown and Deep Ellum.

The Epic is a mixed-use development that consists of two commercial high-rises, a residential high-rise, and a hotel that sits between the skyscrapers of downtown Dallas and the historic, low-lying brick buildings of the Deep Ellum district.

Ron Stelmarski, Design Director for Texas, discusses the story behind the design that provides a seamless transition between the two distinct neighborhoods through form, material, and urban design.

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"The architects opened up streets and paseos through the site, integrating the development within the urban fabric, as opposed to sealing it off within its own privatized mega-block. The choice ensures a comfortable pedestrian experience and frontage for retailers, setting up a framework for vibrant urbanism."

Alyssa Kazew, Texas Architect Magazine