Announcements 08.01.2022

The Den at Jean Childs Young Middle School Celebrates Completion of On-Site Wraparound Services

Atlanta Public School system strengthen the needs of their students by putting their health at the center of education and school-building design.

Jean Childs Young Middle School, part of Atlanta Public Schools, has completed its transformation of an entire school wing dedicated to a new on-site wraparound support initiative named “The Den.” As one of the first middle schools in Georgia to offer wraparound services, The Den provides on-site comprehensive, holistic support to over 800 students in four focus areas: social-emotional well-being, academic success, basic needs support, and access and exposure to the world.

By partnering with Young Middle School administrators, faculty, students, and community stakeholders, Perkins&Will was able to design a space that met students’ mental and physical health needs. Dedicated spaces for hairstyling, laundry, mentoring, tutoring, career exploration, and basic needs are the foundation of self-care in The Den’s aspirational mantra: “I Am. I Can. I Will.”

“What the Den is saying is ‘Come here—we got you,’” says Principal Ron Garlington. “When you create a space like that—when you’re actually meeting the needs of individuals—now they have a voice…They’re more empowered to be a stronger member of the community at large.”
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