In The Media November 26, 2019

VTA’s BART Phase II Transit Oriented Communities Strategy Study

VTA has released three draft Playbooks to help encourage the development of these Transit Oriented Communities.
View along Brokaw Street looking south towards the new BART station.

Since February 2018, VTA has collaborated closely with our team, along with the cities of San José and Santa Clara, as well as BART, to proactively plan for TOCs at the 28th Street/Little Portugal, Downtown San José, and Santa Clara BART station areas.

The Study’s Station Profiles provide specific recommendations for planning and implementing transportation access improvements in the BART station areas.

These improvements will enhance access and mobility to and from the stations by walking, biking, transit, ride share, etc.

Click HERE to read more about the Study and the Playbooks developed.

View looking north across Santa Clara Street towards the new BART station and plaza.