Announcements February 22, 2024

Introducing ‘Where, Matters,’ an exploration of the role of place in the science talent race

Our London studio is proud the announce the launch of ‘Where, Matters’ – the latest piece of thought leadership which seeks to explore the role of place and people in relation to the science sector.

‘Where, Matters’ asks the question: as the race for the top talent in the science market continues to hot-up, what role does place play in supporting organisations to attract and retain the best talent?

Alongside the experiences of our in-house science experts, ‘Where, Matters’ draws on the combined wisdom of scientists, academics, developers, occupiers, and institutions to present a place-based toolkit to guide future-facing science organisations towards becoming a place of choice for global talent.

Panel left to right: Jack Sallabank, Rosie Rodriguez, Marcus Fernhout, Olaide Oboh, Peter Ward and Mat Hunter

As part of the London launch event, speakers from across the science and tech sectors joined our panel to discuss the future of place. Covering a range of perspectives from occupiers and innovators, to start-up founders, clients and developers, the panel highlighted that top talent today look beyond salary, career development, and job security, towards inspirational and sustainable workplaces that nurture innovation, creative exchange, and wellbeing.

Thank you to Jack Sallabank, Peter Ward, Marcus Fernhout, Olaide Oboh, Rosie Rodriguez, and Mat Hunter from Future Places Studio, King’s College London, Guys’ and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Kadans, Socius, Relation Therapeutics and Plus X Innovation for guiding us through an insightful discussion.

We hope you enjoy the report and as always, we welcome your thoughts, suggestions and feedback as we seek to continue to play a role in curating an important dialogue around the future of place.