Announcements November 16, 2023

Yan Krymsky presents at FACADES+ Los Angeles

Yan Krymsky, design director in our Los Angeles studio, recently spoke at The Architect’s Newspaper’s FACADES+ Los Angeles conference. Yan presented on our 1811 Sacramento St. project, a new workplace building that challenges conventional office design principles by situating a significant portion of working office space outdoors. Heidi Creighton of Skanska USA, our client for the project, joined Yan, as did Nolan Lenahan of DCI Engineers, the structural engineers on the work.  

Yan spoke extensively on the project’s approach to outdoor workspace, emphasizing the fundamental difference between the typical terrace amenity where users can take smoke breaks or eat lunch. By evaluating factors such as sun, temperature, wind, access to power, and several other variables, the project team employed reimagined design principles to turn outdoor space into dynamic working environments intended to accommodate users at all hours of the day.  

Sacramento Street’s façade was also a prominent part of the presentation. Yan outlined the coupling of design coherence and tangible performance in the façade’s conception and technical development. Heidi spoke about Skanska’s pioneering spirit, values, and focus on human-centric development. Nolan presented further on the project’s structural systems, emphasizing much of the heavy timber research that occurred throughout the project’s development.   

The FACADES+ Conference, now in its eleventh year, brings together building professionals for several days of discourse around all things building skin. It is hosted and organized by The Architect’s Newspaper.