Abby Gillespie

Associate Principal, Boston

Abby is the Marketing Director of our Boston Studio.

Abby has always looked at things differently and created her own opportunities for success and connection. With lifelong roots in New England, she anchors our Boston marketing team while identifying ways to expand our horizons. Abby contributes to strategic conversations about our global practice, attending firmwide retreats, and driving important cross-studio opportunities. Through these multi-dimensional efforts, she leads the team to uncover new strategies and bring our expertise to our clients’ most pressing needs.

A strong advocate for the firm’s values-driven work, Abby loves finding new ways to connect on a deeper level with our clients. She is an integral player in the expansion of the Boston practice, seamlessly connecting new areas of expertise—like urban design and workplace strategy—to long-established typologies, helping to shape a truly interdisciplinary practice. Working across ten practice areas, her goal is consistency: to unify our voices and tell stories that demonstrate our passion and impact.

Whether it’s planning an event, participating in firmwide retreats, attending interviews, or being that trusted advisor, Abby sees everything as an opportunity to connect firsthand.
Firmwide retreats, like the 2023 Higher Education summit in Washington, DC, provide valuable insights and an opportunity to collaborate across regions, teams, and practice areas.
An empathetic and engaged leader, Abby views mentorship as a symbiotic relationship in which both partners benefit through talent development and growth opportunities.
Seeing a project from its initial marketing stage, through the design process, to final photography is a fulfilling part of Abby's role. Photographing the Reese Stadium at Yale University was one of those moments where the entire project came full circle.
“I love being the pace-setter. I apply this mentality to my role, our management process, the collateral we conceive, and the brand expressions we design.”