Amy Blonder

AICP, LEED Neighborhood Development
Associate Principal, Washington, D.C.

As a college graduate, Amy was unsure what to do with her degree in art history and architectural history. She began working at a consulting firm where she worked with urban planners, and that’s when she discovered urban planning as a career. She continued on to graduate school, earning a masters in urban planning, planning and historic preservation from New York University.

Amy leads our firmwide Federal Practice, bringing a deep knowledge of the unique needs of government clients, an understanding of procurement and design processes, and a strong reputation for excellence in design and customer service. Her experience includes urban design, land-use planning, community development and urban revitalization with private and government clients including the General Services Administration, the Department of Interior, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Armed Forces Retirement Home
The Armed Forces Retirement Home Redevelopment, led by a joint-venture of Madison Marquette and Urban Atlantic, is planned to provide 4.3 million square feet of new, mixed-use development and reuse of historic buildings on the 80-acre campus in Northwest Washington, DC. The project will include new residential, retail, art spaces, sports and wellness venues, as well as adaptive reuse of the historic power plant and hospital complex on the property.
“Our work blends design excellence with a focus on the highly technical and mission-driven requirements of federal agencies. It is so exciting to bring this approach to federal clients in order to ensure that the spaces that they occupy support them in achieving their mission.”