Ashley Dias

Principal, Health, Dallas

Outside of design, Ashley has a passion for photography, and she’s thankful to be in the world at the same time as cameras. But it’s not just clicking the shutter button that revs her soul: it’s the whole process of finding, capturing, editing, and presenting a photograph in a way that tells a compelling story.

Ashley thrives in healthcare planning and strategies because of similar drivers–working both the micro and macro perspective muscles, composing problems in solvable way, and helping clients make major decisions about their future. To her, the challenge of master planning is framing data and analytics into a set of compelling stories and contrasting scenarios that facilitate confident choices.  Her favorite part of the planning process is when the client has a clear direction and is ready to tackle what’s next.

A view of the Milky Way, captured near Fort Davis, Texas.

Ashley tries to plan an annual trip to a remote location that will indulge her astrophotography hobby.  It’s both an art and a science, requiring complex planning, extraordinary patience, and a little bit of luck.  Even when the environmental conditions are just right, an astrophotographer might only get the chance to capture one or two images in an entire night.

She occasionally mounts gallery exhibitions of her work, and donates proceeds from sales to charity.  Each photograph is accompanied by a short story of how the image was brought to life.

Plan everything you can - and then remember to be flexible
A jet from a nearby Air Force Base interrupted this long-exposure star trails photo, creating an unexpected but amazing addition to the composition.

Ashley's Featured Work

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Reno, Nevada
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