Brad Rogers

Associate Principal, Planning and Strategies, Boston

In every aspect of his life, Brad is driven to figure out how things work. As a kid, that meant taking apart his favorite musical instruments and teaching himself to re-assemble them. As a strategist, it means fundamentally understanding a client’s business so that he can develop a plan to support and improve it.

Much of Brad’s work focuses on data analysis, investigating how the use of physical space can impact businesses, institutions and communities of all scales. He has co-authored powerful analytical tools that empower clients and designers to confidently make informed decisions. His goal is to make the complex seem simple—to turn raw information into insight—serving as a knowledge resource for the firm, for our clients, and for the broader industry.

Knowing that the most successful projects start with inclusive discourse between designers, clients and the community, engagement is a foundational pillar of Brad’s strategy. Whether it’s job shadowing with doctors to understand how they work, or leading charrettes with university students, he prioritizes learning from and connecting with the people our designs serve.

Brad’s super power is his ability to "geek out" in the data and then zoom back out to the big picture strategy. His insights guide clients and teams from uncertainty to a clear vision.
The Unilever North American Headquarters is one of the healthiest, most sustainable, and most technologically advanced redevelopments in the New York metropolitan area.
Unilever North American Headquarters

We creatively repositioned Unilever’s corporate campus by consolidating existing outdated 1960’s office buildings into a highly flexible, collaborative environment. Employees that work across Unilever’s brand verticals now share common space, interact, and collaborate with one another. This was facilitated by our workplace planners and strategists and is the first time in Unilever’s history to consolidate these teams for the purpose of collaboration and innovation.

Brad's data-backed insights illuminate the path to well-designed spaces which simultaneously improve business and user outcomes.
“It’s about building consensus and allowing people to feel heard—that is how we are going to solve the problems of the future.”

Brad's Featured Work

Seating area underneath staircase
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Unilever North American Headquarters
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