Carl D’Silva

Principal, Chicago

Carl’s belief that world-class modern architecture is feasible only through intricate understanding and integration of the design and technical sides, has driven his growth as an architect throughout his career. His development of complex designs and systems in mega-projects was instrumental in the successful delivery of signature buildings.

At our firm, Carl has found a forward-thinking firm with enough structural flexibility to continue on his integrated path.

While Carl has been proud to call Chicago home since 1994, he enjoys travelling to all corners of the globe, and is always looking to add to his running total of 40+ countries visited.

Station at Night
Damen Green Line CTA Station, Chicago, IL
A new transit station that will connect the community to neighborhood amenities and downtown jobs.
The Reed at Southbank, Chicago, IL
The Reed at Southbank is a multifamily and condo building which reflects the movement of the river in its shifting façade.
Sketch of Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France
When traveling, Carl prefers sketching to photography. Sitting in a single spot for 45-60 minutes helps provide him an experiential context and reinforce specific memories for each sketch.
Life is most interesting on the steep edge of the learning curve.
Finn Juhl NV-45 chair
Designed in 1945 by Finn Juhl, the NV-45 was one of the first designs separating the “bearing” and the “borne” parts of the chair into discrete frame and seat/backrest components. It is an icon of Danish Modern design. Carl personally restored this example himself, learning how to hand-stitch ladder seams in the process.
Word of Warning
Be careful bringing up Danish Modern furniture around Carl.

You might just find yourself cornered for the next hour discussing the subject.