Carolyn Cooney

LEED Green Associate
Principal, Boston

Carolyn is the Firmwide Marketing Director.

Carolyn’s impact on the design profession can be summed up in one word: empathy. She began her career working on the client side of a major building project, an experience to which she credits her ability to understand what our clients truly need and want–and why. She believes that the pursuit of empathy, of thoughtful communication and personal connection, will ultimately produce the most meaningful and impactful projects.

Carolyn is a musician at heart. Having learned to play seven different instruments, she swiftly detects similarities in the seemingly dissimilar. She brings this talent to her role as the Firmwide Marketing Director, identifying how the expertise of our designers can work in harmony with the needs of our clients. Ultimately, her view of empathy is really quite like music: a multitude of voices–each respected for its unique individuality–artfully arranged to produce an experience greater than the sum of its parts.

"For me, a project is successful when we’re able to remind people of its spirit–what makes it special?"