Casey Jones

Principal, Chief Design Officer

Casey’s career has been shaped by his passion for improving the civic realm—the places and buildings that represent the larger ambitions of our society.

Whether it was helping craft the design guidelines for New York’s groundbreaking High Line, or restructuring how the U.S. State Department designs diplomatic facilities around the world, Casey has been at the center of some of the most significant conversations about public architecture in the last 25 years. Architect magazine identified him as one of the ten most powerful people in the profession.

Living overseas, as a child, Casey traveled extensively with his family, an experience that fostered a conviction that the most interesting, and successful, buildings reflect the values of their culture. Early on, he realized that societies organize themselves based on their hopes and ambitions, and that architecture and urban design are simply the means by which those ideals are given form.

“There isn’t just one way of being in the world; well-designed architecture allows for and celebrates our differences.”