Chuck Siconolfi

Principal, Health, New York

Even before knowing that Chuck’s earliest memories are of drawing building plans, or that seeing the monuments in Washington, D.C. as a child left an indelible impression, within a few moments of conversation with Chuck it’s clear: his passion for architecture lies at the very core of his being.

He speaks of architecture with reverence, describing buildings as being capable of communication and consciousness. Chuck especially emphasizes the need to create design responses for the ever-changing nature of healthcare spaces. With his profound knowledge and insights, along with an exceptional ability to lead and inspire trust from both team members and clients, Chuck has developed tools, models, systems and programs that have fundamentally transformed the way healthcare environments function around the world.

Chuck has been responsible for the development, urban planning, design and management of more than 70 academic medical centers, specialty hospitals, community hospitals, and other health facilities.

"The world is changing and our buildings have to change to do their jobs. We have to possess the willingness to be open to it and to innovate about it. "
Chuck Siconolfi
"Buildings and environments communicate messages. When we understand that they have this power and try to harness it for enlightenment, education, or for elevated human experience, or for changing the way people perceive themselves – that is great design.”

Chuck's Featured Work

NYU Langone 222 East 41st Street
New York, New York