Courtney Johnston

Principal, Workplace, Dallas

Design has always been a part of Courtney’s life. Her mother was an interior designer and her father an architect, also professors in design, and they inspired her passion for applied and visual arts. Raised with an influence in academia, she has continued to give back to the industry through teaching and mentoring at several interior design programs at national universities.

Courtney believes interior design is the most humanistic of the design disciplines, as it involves meticulous attention to people’s daily routines and human-scale problem solving, making it a perfect complement to architecture. She places collaboration at the core of her work philosophy, recognizing a diverse team as the key to solving complex challenges and creating thoughtful solutions.

In her leisure time, Courtney remains active through volunteer work at her daughters’ schools and in her community, as well as through travel, various sports and fitness activities.

Courtney enjoys participating in industry gatherings, and even though she was seated at a table during this golf event, she's typically the one you'll spot on the golf course.
An advocate for interdisciplinary collaboration and continuous learning, Courtney leads the multifaceted interiors teams in the pursuit of design excellence and growth.
Fun Fact

Courtney loves to push herself to learn new things, like teaching herself how to wakeboard or taking snowboarding lessons. Even after breaking her wrist while learning to snowboard, she got back out on the snow as soon as it healed.

Courtney 's Featured Work

Designing Our Dallas Studio
Dallas, Texas