Dana Waymire

Principal, San Francisco

Dana has always enjoyed working at the nexus of logic and creativity. As a self-proclaimed “left-brainer”—and a classically trained pianist—it’s why she finds her role as the Chief Financial Officer at an architecture and design firm to be the perfect balance.

Fascinated by different cultures, cities, and geographies, Dana is also an avid traveler, which gives her a distinctly global perspective. This is important, as she’s responsible for our firm’s financial operations worldwide: she handles our financial planning, analysis, and reporting; business systems; taxes; and treasury activities.

Having grown up on a farm in Central Illinois, Dana feels deeply connected to the countryside. Now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, when she’s not busy shaping our firm’s financial strategy, she spends as much time as possible outdoors: hiking, biking, reading, or tending to the grapes of her vineyard in Sonoma Valley alongside her husband and their dog.