Daniel Parker

BA (Hons), DipArch, ARB, RIBA
Associate Principal, Corporate and Commercial, London

Influenced by his father’s work as an architect in 60s Sweden, Daniel believes that designers have a fundamental social responsibility—a duty of care—that affects the broader community and its values.

Prior to embarking on a career as an architect, Daniel originally wanted to be a product designer. While the built environment provides Daniel a broader spectrum of investigation, it is no surprise that his care for detail remains. For him, joy is often found in the smallest moments.

Before he puts pen to paper, Daniel begins with a conversation; empathy is the starting point of his design. By meaningfully engaging with people’s lives, he hopes his architecture can transform someone’s experience—empower their behaviour, make them more comfortable, and above all else bring joy.

"The greatest thing about design, is that it's the social life of ideas."
Façade studies for a new corporate headquarters