David Sheldon

Associate Principal, Corporate and Commercial, Los Angeles

David’s passion for built environments began on the golf course. Starting the sport at age 13, he loved the combination of experience, landscape, and design. He turned his interests into a career path and earned a degree in landscape architecture and urban design.

Raised in a family of real estate developers, David instinctually makes connections between architecture and opportunity. He transitioned out of design and into business strategy early in his career. He lived and worked in Amsterdam for six years, building collaborative relationships in over 40 countries. Diverse global conversations about placemaking inform his ambitious end goals.

David is sought after as a leader and is highly engaged in mentoring young design professionals. He lives in Venice Beach with his wife and daughter. An avid surfer, his love of nature has expanded from land to ocean.

Getting A Break

David’s career began as a junior designer. He worked 12-hour days, surfed before work, and wore flip flops to the office. One ordinary day, his career made an extraordinary turn. His boss wanted him to turn in his wetsuit for a suit and tie, move to The Netherlands, and spearhead the firm’s efforts in Europe/MENA. It was a big unexpected break. One that would change his path forever. Today, David pays it forward by fostering career-changing opportunities for young professionals. He is sought after as a mentor, speaker, and leader. And he’s never forgotten the immeasurable value of someone believing in you.

E(x)plore Lunch Series

David hosts a monthly lunch series where our Los Angeles studio learns about topics and trends from industry leaders in development, brands, construction, design, foresight, and the built environment.

“The best places are no longer singular by typology. They are places of CONVERGENCE—where hospitality, workplace, and residential are all being fused with wellness, food, and experience. My passions lie in creating experiential places within our cities.”