Godfrey Gaisie

Associate Principal, Atlanta

It is literally true, but it also works as a metaphor: Godfrey designed the house he lives in. And as it happens, metaphor is integral to Godfrey’s approach to designing for his clients and the broader communities they serve. He attributes it in part to his cultural heritage, having spent his early childhood in Ghana, where forms are heavily imbued with symbolic meaning. By wrapping metaphors into the architectural design, he finds that his clients latch onto a deeper meaning in their environment and get more from the process than just a new building.

His portfolio represents special expertise in pediatric healthcare and higher-education facilities. He strives to make healthcare environments education and, conversely, to make learning environments healthy and collaborative. As a team leader, he draws everyone into the effort to heal and inspire through freedom of movement and expression.

“I have this naive notion—that the buildings we design affect people. I am interested in what architecture can do to change people’s outlook on their day-to-day life.”
Godfrey Gaisie at work in the Atlanta studio
Godfrey Gaisie presents an ongoing project in front of a pinup wall for an Atlanta studio weekly Design Forum
Presenting at the Atlanta studio’s weekly Design Forum
Godfrey Gaisie plays the bass at home
Playing the bass
Godfrey and his son take an ATV tour on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
On vacation in Cabo San Lucas
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