Ian Sinnett

Principal, Health, Dallas

Growing up in the Kansas farm country, Ian and his friends were always outside inventing, building, and tinkering.  He’s known since childhood that he was destined to become an architect – “never had any waver about it,” in fact.

A voracious reader, Ian spends several hours each day taking in books and articles – a habit and hobby that diversifies his perspective beyond architecture and into technology, world events, and other areas of interest.  In addition to being recharging, he finds that agitating intellectually over new ideas strengthens him as a planner and designer.

Ian’s favorite part of a project is defining the problem and implementing smart solutions.  Particularly with the complexities of healthcare design, “once the problem is defined, then we can work on finding the most elegant solution and executing it.  It’s very elusive, but it’s also my favorite part.”

“As a young architect, I finally got to hospital design and immediately fell in love with the complexity, the speed, and the level of thinking required to make the space what it is. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on healthcare.”
Fun Fact
Growing up, Ian’s family had a 1.5-acre garden, which often produced more food than they could eat. He still has a passion for gardening and volunteers his time in both the Dallas studio’s seasonal garden and his neighborhood community garden. Someday, he’d love to own a farm in the Pacific Northwest.
Ian Sinnett