Ian Sinnett

Principal, Health, Dallas

Raised among the farmlands of Kansas, Ian and his friends spent their childhoods creating, building, and tinkering. He’s always been certain of his path to architecture—“never had any waver about it,” in fact.

He is naturally driven to learn and explore. An avid adventurer, Ian has traveled to almost every continent. Also an enthusiastic reader, he extends his insights from architecture to technology, global affairs, and other interests—which include the Davis Mountains in West Texas. This passion spurred his venture into astrophotography, capturing the cosmos, and the initiation of his project to build a net-zero, off-grid home.

As a designer and planner, Ian is drawn to the intricacy of healthcare facilities. He thrives on crafting elegant solutions to unique and complex problems, a process he finds both challenging and rewarding. The first step, pinpointing and defining the issue at hand, is the most elusive part, but it’s also his favorite.

“As a young architect, I finally got to hospital design and immediately fell in love with the complexity, the speed, and the level of thinking required to make the space what it is. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on healthcare.”
The Andromeda Galaxy, photographed by Ian in West Texas
To photograph our nearest galactic neighbor, Ian took a series of five-minute black and white narrowband stacked exposures using a custom-built deep sky imaging telescope.
The Eagle and Swan Nebulas, photographed by Ian in West Texas
For this exploration of deep sky space objects, Ian used S-II, H-a, and O-III narrowband filters to collect six hours of exposure, creating this image in the Hubble color palette.
Fun Fact
Growing up, Ian’s family had a 1.5-acre garden, which often produced more food than they could eat. He still has a passion for gardening and volunteers his time in both the Dallas studio’s seasonal garden and his neighborhood community garden. Someday, he’d love to own a farm in the Pacific Northwest.
Ian Sinnett