Jim Woody

Associate Principal, Health, Washington, D.C.

Jim Woody is a case study in service and what it means to be a “citizen architect.” His daily words and actions show just how much he means to his community in Charlottesville, Virginia, the entire organization at Perkins&Will, and to the profession of architecture. Since graduating from Virginia Tech in 1999, Jim has deliberately built a career around service and one key idea: It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. He leads construction contract administration on all of our major healthcare projects in Virginia. Through this lens, Jim balances advocacy of design and defense of the architect, while supporting the owner and providing timely direction to the contractor. Within the Commonwealth of Virginia, Jim has led Construction Contract Administration for over 1.5 million square feet of healthcare work completed by Perkins&Will.

Jim is not just a technical expert, sitting in a construction trailer answering RFI’s; he is an all-time great at what he does and he uses his platform to mentor young architects, embrace his community, and teach the value of empathetic architecture.

“I love complex problems and conflict resolution. I enjoy the challenge of working with contractors in reviewing the details and coming up with unique solutions that don’t compromise the design.”
University of Virginia, University Hospital Expansion
Charlottesville, Virginia

Jim singlehandedly created the CA Boot-Camp experience at Perkins&Will. This shadowing program introduced young architects to the importance of CA on a major capital project. Across the country, other projects now emulate this program to ensure that young architects understand how their drawings become buildings. What does it mean to defend a spec.? How do you negotiate a change order on behalf of an owner? And what does it mean to deliver some of the most complicated projects the profession can address? Jim’s Boot-Camp program shows young architects that in many ways these conversations are as important as the initial parti an architect can create.

Warren Memorial Replacement Hospital
Front Royal, Virginia
Valley Health, Page Memorial Replacement Hospital
Luray, Virginia
Every holiday season,Jim leads a group of people from the Washington, DC studio to the WeCare event. In 2019 team members helped craft popsicle stick ornaments with the kids from Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

Jim's Featured Work

University of Virginia University Hospital Expansion
Charlottesville, Virginia