Jocelyne Belisle

Associate Principal, Vancouver

A career in design wasn’t always an obvious choice for Jocelyne. With an early education in Psychology and Fine Arts, she has always been interested in people and understanding what motivates them. Her shift from social sciences to architectural design—through a Master’s degree and two decades working as an architect—has now come full circle in her multifaceted role of Director of Equity & Development: a role that bridges the work we do with the people who do it.

Jocelyne understands that our teams are facing increasing pressures in their projects—faster schedules, greater complexity, and tighter fees. Her goal is to enable success within this environment, for both our clients and our teams. She achieves this by empowering people with the skills needed for effective project management. By implementing a comprehensive training program in the Vancouver studio, she has prioritized the tools and standards needed to guide the work, providing the technical framework that supports excellence at all levels.

“I am very interested in what drives people to perform to their highest potential. With the goal of improving how we deliver projects with less risk and higher client satisfaction, I focus on removing the barriers to performance and on developing people to enable truly extraordinary design.”
Jocelyne Belisle collaboration photo
Ottawa Confederation Line
She believes that seamless project delivery requires a well-rounded approach: one that starts with effective planning; builds collaborative team dynamics through regular communication; offers consistent process and tools; and, above all, supports a consistent focus on excellence.
Cross Roads Development
From her work as an architect on projects ranging from the construction phase of the Cross Roads mixed-use development in Vancouver to the preliminary design of multiple transit stations along the Confederation Line in Ottawa, Jocelyne has learned first-hand the importance of effective project management throughout the life cycle of a project.

Jocelyne's Featured Work

Rendering of Tremblay station plaza.
Ottawa Confederation Line
Ottawa, Ontario